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Section 8 Company Registration

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Section 8 Companies are those companies through which we work as a charitable organization or Non-Profit Organisation (NPO). The motives of such are social welfare rather than making profits.

In other words, Section 8 Companies works as a charitable trust under the recognition of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. These companies are registered under the Companies Act 2013.

Advantages of a Sec 8 Company

  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Donations to a Sec 8 company are easily rebated under 80 G
  • Exemptions under company law like Companies auditor is not applicable. Stamp duty registrations are also exempted.
  • A Sec 8 Company can convert to a standard Pvt Ltd Company through a process defined in the Act.

Minimum two Directors are required in case you are registering a Private Limited type of Sec 8 company. If you are registering a Limited company type for Sec 8 Company, then a minimum of three Directors are required.

The money earned by a section 8 company can be utilized in charitable projects only. None of the money earned can be moved toward paying the partners of a section 8 company.

Requirements for forming a Sec 8 Company

  • Digital Signature of Directors
  • DIN ( Director Identification Number )
  • Name Availability Check and Application for Name Reservation/Approval
  • Office Address Proof of the company is needed
  • If the applicant is NRI, then the documents must be notarized, and the passport is compulsory
  • Make Application to the focal government for the award of License under section 8 and get the License
  • Record Incorporation application for getting Registration Certificate
  • The administrative expense of Section 8 Company Registration is INR 6,000/ -

Package Inclusions

  • RD Approval
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank Account with a Naionliased bank

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